Even our subway ventilation shafts are high art

Spotted on the streets of New York City: a commemorative plaque on a subway ventilation shaft giving credit to the artist and listing his materials.

Ready for the close-up?

New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway

Only in New York will you see a rat wrestle a slice of pizza bigger than he is down the subway stairs. He nearly made it, too.

When There’s Something Free in the Neighborhood

New Yorkers love their Summer Film Festivals in the park, but you’d better get there early. Here’s a 40th-floor view of what happens before a showing of Ghostbusters in Bryant Park.

Too Many Zooz

God help me, I love me some street performers. Only in New York will you find an impromptu dance party on your way to work.

Johnny T’s New York City Tourist Tips for Jerks

Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi and Vincent Bova first started puppeteering on the NYC subways in 2004, but quickly realized that begging New Yorkers for change was not the way to do things. So they moved to the interwebs, called themselves Glove and Boots, and started making videos.

Sax Battle in New York City Subway

Only in New York would two sax players encounter each other on the subway with a surprise riff on “Billie Jean”. (With apologies for the vertical video and inane popups.)

Subway Skating

Only in New York would your furniture enter through the window

From Leslie at Looking Up with Leslie:

I moved here just over a year ago and keep being reassured that New York loves me. I recently got a tiny, rent stabilized apartment in the West Village so I can afford to stay in the city I love.

It has no closets so I bought a pair of armoires on Craigslist. When the movers got them to my third floor walkup landing, they couldn’t get through the door so they stayed on the landing for a couple of weeks.

Three consultations later, “Sal” showed up. He started taking them apart (they are 90 inches tall!) and moving them down the hall. When he realized they wouldn’t fit through the door no matter what, he got a helper and pulled them up with ropes through the window. You should have heard the building’s super having a fit!

They are perfect in my apartment and now I can unpack. Only in New York City!

Only in New York would your Good Samaritan curse at you while they saved your life

From Linda C:

I had baked many batches of Halloween cookies and was taking them to work for my co-workers. The cookies were in a shopping bag, up against the subway door of a very crowded rush-hour train. The train should have started to leave the station, when the doors opened unexpectedly. Before I had a chance to think, I leaned out of the door to try to catch my falling shopping bag. The train doors snapped shut quickly. This time my neck was in between them. I thought it might be my demise. I yelled and looked pleadingly at a nasty-looking woman on the platform in front of my head. She mumbled something, and banged hard on the subway door. As the doors opened, she called me a “stupid A-hole” and disappeared into the crowd.

Alligator in the Sewer! The Urban Legend Comes True

According to the NY Post, an 18-inch gator crawled out of an overflowing storm drain in Astoria yesterday afternoon and quickly sought refuge underneath a car. This all happened on Newtown Avenue and 29th Street, where locals were heard screaming, “Crocodile!”

The police Emergency Service Unit lassoed the animal and bound its snout with tape. The caged gator was kept at the 114th Precinct until it was picked up by Animal Care & Control.

A spokesman for animal control said the alligator would be taken to a licensed rehabilitator or reptile sanctuary.

Small alligator crawls out of Astoria sewer