From Leslie at Looking Up with Leslie:

I moved here just over a year ago and keep being reassured that New York loves me. I recently got a tiny, rent stabilized apartment in the West Village so I can afford to stay in the city I love.

It has no closets so I bought a pair of armoires on Craigslist. When the movers got them to my third floor walkup landing, they couldn’t get through the door so they stayed on the landing for a couple of weeks.

Three consultations later, “Sal” showed up. He started taking them apart (they are 90 inches tall!) and moving them down the hall. When he realized they wouldn’t fit through the door no matter what, he got a helper and pulled them up with ropes through the window. You should have heard the building’s super having a fit!

They are perfect in my apartment and now I can unpack. Only in New York City!