Want to Buy a Lighthouse?

Ever wanted to live in a lighthouse, or at least have a really cool place for parties?  Now’s your chance!  Two decommissioned lighthouses off the coast of Staten Island are being auctioned off by the General Services Administration (GSA), which is starting the bidding next month at $5,000.  Be warned, the Coast Guard gets to keep a set of keys and come traipsing through whenever they need to.  Oh, and they’re rather prone to flooding.

MTA Employee Falls On Tracks, Rescued By Mystery Do-Gooders

An MTA architect on his way to work on Friday found himself deeply indebted to four unidentified good Samaritans after they rescued him from the subway tracks. Michael Lodespoto was waiting for the subway after transferring from Atlantic Terminal when he began to feel dizzy. He told Newsday he remembers leaning on a column, and then looking up at at least four people (he thinks they were construction workers) lifting him from the tracks. He said, “I just want to thank them for their courage…and maybe give them a hug.”

Fire Department officials were called to the station shortly after the accident, but couldn’t find anyone who had helped him out. He was taken to Kings County Hospital with a severe head injury. His wife said, “I know how quickly trains come right after the other. They were little angels placed there just to grab him out.” Lodespoto works as an MTA architect, and says he knows what happens to most people who fall on the tracks. “Anything could have happened,” he said. “I’m very fortunate.”

Star Wars Subway Car

Quidditch Tournament Takes Over Central Park

Kids play Quidditch in Central Park

Muggle Quidditch has had to make a few concessions to gravity and other laws of physics. Players must keep a broom between their legs at all times, and instead of a golden, winged ball, the “snitch” is a tennis ball in a sock. Intercollegiate Quidditch Association commissioner Alex Benepe (and son of NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe) told 1010WINS, “This version of the game is the best it could possibly work in real life, short of flying brooms.”
One nine-year-old watching yesterday’s game said, “It’s pretty cool. You never know what you’re going to find in New York.”

Hallelujah, I Love Her So

Only in New York can you find enough aspiring dancers to realize your dream of having fifty couples burst into dance while you propose.

Overheard in New York

Woman #1, watching New York City Gay Men’s Chorus rehearse Single Ladies: Does anyone know what this is?
Woman #2: This is a New York moment!

From Overheard in New York

Joe Ades, Peeler Peddlar Extraordinaire

Joe Ades and his little shreds of carrots were fixtures in Union Square.  He passed away at the age of 75.

Only in New York…

…will you find heavily tattooed outlaw bikers saving kittens.

Rescue Ink

Rescue Ink member Desi Calderon holds a kitten.

Only in New York…

… can you buy a pirated DVD that has been translated from spoken English into dubbed Chinese, then given Bengali subtitles, then had those subtitles translated back into English.

Why New Yorkers should not wear flip flops

Besides the fact that NYC is (in parts) a gritty, decaying, dirty, and disorderly place where you are very likely to meet with formidable foot hazards such as broken glass, chunks of brick and concrete, nails, tin cans and other refuse on streets and sidewalks, if you take the subway late at night or during off-peak hours when relatively few people are around you might have the following experience:

One hot night, I was wearing flip flops while waiting for the train when I felt something lightly scratch my foot. I looked down and there was this huge rat who had come up onto the platform and walked across my unprotected, flip-flopped feet. I have since heard that there are seven rats for every New Yorker, so this kind of thing must happen a lot.